Introduction of the Restaurant Manchinro Tenshinpo's Interior and Dim Sum

Introduction of Manchinro Tenshinpo

Manchinro Tenshinpo was the first restaurant to introduce the made-to-order style of dimsum to Chinatown. We have over 60 different types of dim Sum, and based on the time-honored cooking methods from the Guandong province of China, we do not use any artificial seasonings or preservatives. Only ingredients with traceability are allowed into our fare. We offer the finest seafood, meat, and vegetables in addition to outstanding Chinese porridge, and original desserts made by Manchinro's very own patissier. Many of customers highly recommend the Head Chef's recommendations, which include choice seasonal ingredients. In addition, we offer both large and small portions from our a la carte menu. So for example, you could combine several sets of dim Sum with selections from the a la carte menu. Easily enjoyable for a small group, or just one or two guests.

Our commitment to Excellence in Cuisine

Healthy diet plays an immense role in our daily lives. It sustains life and promotes health. Manchinro's menu of traditional Cantonese fare is based on the concept 'A balanced diet for a healthy body.' In consideration of our customers' health, we do not use artificial seasonings or preservatives. Since 1892, for over 100 years our company has strived to create delicious and enjoyable dishes, that continue to be cherished by our customers.

Dim Sum and Yum Cha

Dim Sum means light dishes served in small amounts. The Dim Sum served along with tea developed over time in the Yum Cha culture. Savory items such as siu-mai (steamed meat dumplings) and jiozi pan-fried dumplings, springs rolls etc., as well as sweet desserts like Jian Dui sesame balls and almond gelatin are available.

In Guangzhou, Dim Sum served on small dishes or in steam baskets are brought around on a cart, and the customers choose the dim Sum from these carts.

At our restaurants, we freshly prepare the items upon receiving your order, so that you may enjoy them in the most delicious state. While enjoying your favorite dim sum, experience our mouth-watering delicacies. The tempting, savory aroma from our steamed buns will awaken your senses. Enjoy our outstanding dimsum along with lively conversation. We are happy to recommend the best Chinese tea to go along with your favalite dim Sum.

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