Frequent Questions

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About general issues

Q:Is there a service charge/ table charge?

A:A 10% service charge is added to all receipts.
There is no additional table charge.

Q:What are the business hours? By what time must the last order be placed?

A:Business hours are from 11:00am to 10:00pm.
The last orders must be placed by:
-9:15pm* at ManchinroMain.
-9:30pm at ManchinroTenshinpo.

*The time for the last order changed on 1 November, 2016.

Q:Do you take credit cards?

A:We accept the following payment methods: Cash, credit card, Prepaid gift cards from Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos, JCB, VJA (Visa), PayPay

Q:Are there any rules for attire?

A:In consideration of other guests we ask to avoid clothing that would make other guests feel uncomfortable. However, we do not have any specific rules for attire.

Q:Is there seating for smokers?

A:All seats are no-smoking. Both restaurants have designated smoking areas. Manchinro Main: in the 2F smoking room. Manchinro Tenshinpo: in the 2F smoking room and the 4F balcony

Q:Can pets be brought into the restaurants?

A:Other than certified therapy dogs (ie. guide dogs), we ask that pet owners refrain from bringing their pets into our restaurants.

Q:Can I place an order for take home food after eating at the restaurant?

A:Dim sum and items such as meat-filled buns, siu-mai, and moon cakes are available for purchase to take home and enjoy.

Q:Is parking available? How many hours are free?

A:Parking is available in designated restaurant spaces, and throughout Chinatown. We offer two and a half hours of free parking at either our own parking structure behind the main restaurant or at Yokohama Chukagai Parking for those who spend more than 4,000 yen. (Note: Vehicles taller than 150cm in height must use parking in the general Chinatown area.)

Q:Is there parking available for a microbus?

A:Yes. It is possible to reserve a parking spot for microbus use. Please inquire directly with the restaurant.

About the Cuisine

Q:Is it possible to alter menu items from the Course menus?

A:Some seasonings and dishes on the Course menu may be altered. However, please note that changes in the menu may result in additional charges to your bill. We recommend any Course menu changesbe made in advance as some changes may be difficult at the last minutes. Please inquire directly with the restaurant.

Q:Can a single guest order a full-Course meal?

A:No. We ask that Course menus are ordered for 2 or more persons.

Q:Is it necessary to order a full Course for each person?

A:No, but please be aware that there may not be enough food to go around for each guest.

Q:What about the volume of food?

A:A regular size dish should be appropriate for 4 average adults while a small size should be appropriate for 2 to 3 average adults.

Q:Do you have special seasonal dishes?

A:Yes. Please check our Head chef's seasonal menu

Q:Is it possible to make special requests for Buddha Jump Over the Wall? Can I order vegetarian fare or have something made to accommodate food allergies?

A:Yes, but advance reservations are required. Please contact the restaurant staff in advance. it may take extra time to procure the necessary ingredients.

Q:Can I take home leftover food?

A:It is possible to take home certain items, if they are consumed on the day of your visit.please ask your waiter for details.

For Special Events

Q:Up to how many guests can be seated at an event?

A:Manchinro Main restaurant can accommodate up to 200 guests if reservations are made at least a month in advance. Our second floor can seat up to as many as 260 people, dispersed among 2 separate rooms. The The third floor can seat up to 100 guests, and 120 people in a standing buffet setup. At Manchinro Tenshinpo we can seat up to 100 guests, or 120 guests on the fourth floor.

Q:Can I host a standing buffet event?


Q:What kind of events can be held at Manchinro?

A:In addition to general gatherings, our restaurant is often used for first-time family meetings of newly engaged couples, for wedding receptions, for birthday parties, for Buddhist memorial services and for other special occasions. Please inquire with our restaurant staff.

Q:What kind of equipment/facilities do you have for gatherings?

A:We have audio-visual equipment such as microphones and large TV screens. Some rooms have such preequipped, while others require portable equipment. (Please note the use of Karaoke is not possible in our facilities.) We can also prepare Chinese sweets or dim sum for guests to take home as gift. We can also arrange for flowers, companion waitresses, photography, Chinese classical music performance, Chinese traditional operatic performances, and etc. (For performance fees, please inquire with restaurant staff.)

Regarding Children, and Physically-Challenged Guests

Q:Are the restaurants wheel-chair friendly?

A:Yes. There are elevators, and wheel-chair accessible restrooms. There is a specific entrance for guests in wheelchairs at Manchinro Tenshinpo. Please inquire with our restaurant staff.

Q:Can I bring my certified therapy dog (ie. guid dog) inside the restaurant?

A:Yes, please come with your certified therapy dog. When making a reservation, please indicate that you will be bringing your therapy dog, so we may seat you in the most comfortable location.)

Q:Do you have childrens' menu?

A:We do not have childrens' menu. However we do offer a childrens' course for those ordering from the Course menu. Please inquire with the restaurant staff.

Q:Can I bring my child's stroller/pram into the restaurant?

A:Due to limited space inside the restaurant, we ask that you leave your stroller with the staff at the front desk.

Q:Do you have high-chairs for babies/toddlers?

A:High-chairs are available for private room use only. For small children in the general dining area, we will try to seat your party at a booth-type seat. You may use a cushion to raise the child up to the table level.

Q:Are there diaper-changing facilities in the restaurants?

A:At Manchinro Main restaurant, diapers can be changed in the wheel-chair accessible restroom. Manchinro Tenshinpo's ladies restrooms on the basement and second floor have diaper-changing facilities.

About Manchinro store

Q:What are the business hours?

A:Business hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Q:Is parking available?

A:We provide parking via Manchinro or through our partner parking provider in Chinatown. We offer one hour of free parking for purchases over 3,000 yen. (Note: Vehicles taller than 150cm in height must use parking in the general Chinatown area.)

Q:What payment methods do you accept?

A:We accept the following payment methods: Cash, credit card, Electronic Money (Edy, iD, rechargeable train passes such as Pasmo and Suica,) WAON, Prepaid gift cards from Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos, JCB, VJA (Visa), also J-Debit, UnionPay, and advance bank transfer.

Q:Why is the expiration date on Manchinro products so soon?

A:We do not use artificial or preservatives, resulting in a shorter expiration date

Q:Do you print possible allergens in the food?

A:Allergen info can be found on the back of the package alongside the barcode label. We report 5 allergens which we are required by law and 20 allergens which are voluntary.

Q:Can you make a gift box of various items?

A:We offer pre-packaged steamed buns, dim sum, cakes, cookies, and etc. In addition, we can also take requests to make a combination of our items to create a customized gift box.

Q:How should I eat the steamed meat buns and siu-mai?

A:Please look on the package for instructions on how to prepare and eat.

Q:Do you ship?

A:Yes, we ship throughout Japan. Shipping costs 800 yen for destinations anywhere in Japan. shipping is free with any purchase of over 5,400yen.This includes Hokkaido, Okinawa, or Kyushu.) Please inquire with shop staff. (Please note that items requiring refrigeration will be charged extra for refrigerated shipping.)

Q:Can I designate a date for delivery?

A:Yes, you can choose a date and time for delivery within a two-hour window. Please note in the case of payment via bank transfer, we will confer with you regarding the delivery date once the payment has been confirmed.

About the Online Shop

Questions and Answers for the online shop can be found at the link below.