Management for Safety and Sanitation

Manchinro's fare is based on the concept 'A balanced diet for a healthy body.' what we eat is at the source of good health, which is why we eat waste no effort on providing the highest level of safety and sanitation.

Safety and Sanitation for Ingredients

Procurement of Ingredients

The buyer oversees all details related to the production and procuement of ingredients. We only buy top-quality ingredients from highly-reliable partners.

Quality Inspection

The inspection specialist handles the delivery of goods and preliminary inspection of ingredients. From there, there is a double-round of inspections conducted at the point of purchase and delivery time, to ensure the safety of food ingredients.

Ingredient orders are centrally managed via computer.

Outside suppliers are not allowed in our cooking facilities. Ingredients are not considered fully delivered until they are transferred from the suppliers' boxes to our own storage containers.

Safety Management of Our Staff


It is our policy that staff must pass through change their uniforms on a regular basis. They do not wait until their uniform is soiled, they must change even before anything gets on their clothes. In addition, anyone who enters the cooking facilities must take an air shower facility first. This is all to maintain the highest level of health and sanitation.

Health Management

Both the cooking manager and the head of customer care enforce stringent health policies. At each cooking station is a sink with highly effective anti-bacterial soap for handwashing. Thorough hand-washing is imperative for preventing disease. Stool samples are taken on a regular basis to ensure the health and safety of our staff.

Inspection of Cleanliness

It is imperative that hands and fingers of all staff members be sanitary, in addition to all food production equipment. To ensure our high level of cleanliness, we conduct sanitary inspections. This inspection is a very important practice that helps prevent second-hand contamination, which is behind 80% of accidents in food production. At Manchinro, we conduct on-the-spot inspections using a biological testing system, and input the results in our database to get immediate feedback. Our “check and act: zero food poisoning' system ensures safety of both the food prep staff, and our customers.

Staff must always be wearing a clean uniform. Staff members conduct regular on each other.

Hands, nails, and arms must be thoroughly washed with anti-bacterial soap.

Rapid hygiene monitoring system is used in measuring cleanliness.

A clean cooking area is vital to good health management.

Safe Management of Facilities

Cleanliness and Sanitation

We prevent food contamination by maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the cooking facilities. Daily sanitation is of Course a must, along with regular pest inspections. In addition, an alcohol solution is added to the dishes and utensils in the final stages of washing to remove any remaining impurities.


Each appliance such as refrigerators and sinks is carefully maintained to maintain cleanliness and to allow the appliances to perform to the best of their ability.

Dishes are thoroughly polished and readied for the next day

The best kitchen layouts and the facilities strictly maintained every day.