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Store Introduction

Since the inception of our business began, we have strictly adhered to a policy of 'all-natural, no preservatives policy.over the years,'Manchinro has received numerous awards and accolades. In 2004 Manchinro was presented the 45th annual Japan Federation of Gifts and Souvenirs award for excellent souvenirs.

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Introduction of Manchin Shokuhin (Manchinro Kitchen)

The safety and security of our products is always our first priority at our factory.We strive to deliver a sense of joy and well-being along with our food. Our staff make each item with the utmost care, which we're sure you'll notice with each delicious bite.

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Introduction of our Products

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Steamed Buns

Our buns are made with Japanese flour and top-grade pork and onions to create simple yet exquisite flavor. These traditional steamed buns are a staple of the Manchinro lineup.

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Moon Cakes

Moon Cakes are a traditional Chinese sweet with a delectable taste

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Our savory siu-mai dumplings are generously filled with the finest ingredients, and encased in a delicate skin.

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A great variety of Chinese sweets such Chinese cookies and pudding are made by our in-house patissier.

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You can enjoy the same oolong tea that is served at our restaurants. Please try our other blends which also promote good health.